Injection Interior Modern Organic Style

  • Residential interior design and planning

    Good design is attainable -regardless of the project’s scope or scale.

    Injectioninterior offers a full range of interior design and space planning services for both new construction and renovation projects.

  • Commercial interior design and planning

    Our company has an established Commercial Interior Design department with extensive experience with numerous projects including medical, corporate, higher education, hospitality, and retail. All of our interior designers are well versed in life safety requirements for systems furniture selection/coordination, material selection appropriateness, green design and cost analysis.

  • Design and Build

    If you need inspiration for your space, we would be delighted to help you define your needs by discussing through your company’s values or your family’s lifestyle.But if you already have concrete ideas on your requirements,we can jump start and begin detailing the design schematics.We will develop customized proposals for each client.

  • Project Management

    The timing,deliverables and costs for each stage will be clearly stated,and all options listed out in detail.Our clients are the ultimate decision makers of what is required, and we would be glad to revise the proposal until you are fully satisfied.

  • Procurement and Construction

    We handpick our builders from the industry’s best talents and together strive to deliver unparalleled workmanship and finishing. We would be glad to sort out all construction details with you in your or our office,but we would be equally excited in escortiong you to the workshop to choose your favorite piece of marble. If carpentry happens to be a leisure pursuit of yours, our craftsmen would be thrilled to have you join them for an afternoon of sculptural exploration.